Who is Ashley Tervort? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

At just 23 years old, Ashley Tervort, hailing from California, has enraptured countless admirers with her dazzling beauty and alluring physique. Initially starting with odd jobs, she found her stride as an Onlyfans sensation, where her captivating imagery has amassed a sizable following. Curiosity about her career and personal life is a constant among her fans, and we’re here to provide all the enticing details.

In the realm of modern fame and fortune, social media reigns supreme, and Ashley Tervort stands as a quintessential example of this digital era. She has skillfully established herself as a prominent model and social media influencer in the online sphere.

Ashley’s journey towards stardom began through the captivating visual allure of social media platforms. Her strategic utilization of platforms like Instagram and Vine propelled her into the spotlight, showcasing her as a trendsetter in the digital domain.

More than just a model, Ashley is renowned for her versatility as a content creator. Her online presence extends far beyond mere photographs, demonstrating her creative flair and adaptability across various forms of content.

The success of Ashley Tervort highlights the transformative power of social media in shaping careers and identities. Her adeptness at navigating these platforms has catapulted her to fame, unlocking doors to lucrative opportunities in modeling, acting, and adult content creation.

Ashley Tervort’s Biography/wiki

Full nameAshley Ann Tervort
Date of birthAugust 10, 1999
Age22 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signLeo
Place of birthUtah, United States
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Height in feet5’10”
Height in centimeters177
Weight in pounds125
Weight in kilograms56
Body measurements in inches37-24-35
Body measurements in centimeters94-61-89
Shoe size7 (US)
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
ProfessionModel and social media personality
Net worth$1.5 million

Who is Ashley Tervort?

Born on August 10, 1999, in a quaint Utah town, Ashley Tervort commenced her educational journey locally before making her way to the bustling city of Los Angeles. It was there that the illustrious fashion brand Guess took notice of her, marking the inception of her modeling career.

As a proud holder of American citizenship, Ashley embodies the bold essence of her Leo zodiac sign. Despite the glamour associated with modeling, her life wasn’t always adorned with glitz and glamour. Ashley has openly shared her struggles with eating disorders during her formative years, demonstrating her courage and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

After a stint in Dallas, Ashley eventually found her home in Los Angeles. Alongside her modeling pursuits, she also excelled academically, earning a degree in Spanish from the Luis Vives Institute in 2017.

Interestingly, Ashley also delved into the field of medicine, with a particular interest in Neurosurgery. However, her passion for modeling ultimately beckoned her back, solidifying her status as the adult modeling star she is today. Ashley’s journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Ashley Tervort’s Education

Ashley Tervort’s Education

While Ashley’s primary education took place in a nearby private school, information regarding her higher education remains elusive. Despite holding a Spanish degree from the Luis Vives Institute, further details regarding her qualifications remain undisclosed. Sparse information exists regarding any additional formal education Ashley may have pursued. 

Nonetheless, her passion for medicine and aspirations in Neurosurgery indicate a commitment to learning. Ashley’s academic endeavors, coupled with her modeling career, portray a woman with multifaceted interests and ambitions. Her journey to fame has been far from ordinary.

Ashley Tervort’s Family

Ashley Tervort’s heritage is a fusion of Chinese and Norwegian descent, a blend that contributes to her distinct cultural background. However, her familial narrative is marked by profound sorrow. At the tender age of 16, Ashley endured the devastating loss of her mother, who battled mental illness for an extended period. Tragically, shortly thereafter, her older brother, deeply affected by their mother’s passing, took his own life.

As the youngest of four siblings, Ashley grew up alongside two older brothers and a sister. These early personal tragedies undoubtedly shaped her journey towards resilience and determination. 

Despite the adversities she faced, Ashley has forged a path for herself, embodying the essence of a survivor. Her family’s story stands as a testament to the hardships she has conquered, molding her into the accomplished model and influencer she is today.

Ashley Tervort’s Husband/boyfriend

Ashley Tervort, known for keeping her personal life private, has yet to confirm the status of her relationship. Despite her discretion, her social media teems with images featuring an unconfirmed boyfriend, sparking curiosity among her followers.

Her younger brother, an active social media user, might occasionally appear in her online postings. However, details about Ashley’s past relationships remain a secret, with no rumors or disclosed dating history.

In an intriguing revelation, she confessed that her first romantic encounter occurred at twelve with a boy named Isaac. Interestingly, Ashley cherishes a good sense of humor in a partner; sharing witty comments and messages easily charms her.

Despite her life’s open-book nature online, her love life chapter remains subtly veiled. Regardless of her current relationship status, Ashley seems to enjoy her life, filled with family love, friendly adventures, and exploring new places.

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Ashley Tervort’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 58 kg
In Pounds: 127 lbs
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 10″
In Meters: 1.80 m
In Centimetres: 180 cm
Distinctive FeaturesCute Smile
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Hair LengthLong
Body MeasurementsBreast-40, Waist-28, Hips-36
Plastic SurgeryNo


Revealing Ashley Tervort’s distinct heritage, she gracefully combines Chinese and Norwegian ancestry, enhancing her diverse background. Hailing from the United States, she holds American citizenship and identifies as straight. 

Growing up in a home where religion holds importance, Ashley embraces Christianity. Her unique cultural mix and American upbringing imbue her with a magnetic personality. Ashley’s ethnicity adds to her captivating charm, contributing to the striking appearance cherished by her followers.


  • A culinary aficionado at her core, Ashley finds joy in the art of cooking during her downtime.
  • Beyond the comforts of home, she thrives as an avid explorer, always eager to uncover new destinations.
  • Her affection for furry friends shines through; she warmly welcomes a cherished canine companion into her life.
  • Ashley’s influence extends far beyond the confines of the runway; she has become a social media sensation in her own right.
  • With a diverse array of content ranging from breathtaking imagery to glimpses into her lifestyle, she has garnered a substantial following online.
  • Indeed, Ashley Tervort transcends the label of mere model, emerging as a trailblazer who captivates audiences worldwide with her multifaceted persona.

Before Fame

From a young age, Ashley Tervort was captivated by the allure of the fashion world. Her journey into the limelight commenced at the tender age of 10 when she graced the pages of Seventeen Magazine. In 2011, she embarked on a new chapter, relocating to Georgia to pursue her education at Northside High School, laying the foundation for her remarkable ascent to fame. Following her time in Georgia, she ventured westward to California, where she delved into the realm of marketing at Woodbury University.

As her modeling career flourished, so did her presence on social media. Ashley took to Instagram to offer her followers a glimpse into her life behind the camera, along with invaluable fashion insights. 

Notably, her feed is peppered with snapshots of encounters with luminaries such as Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. With a following exceeding 556k on Instagram and 202k on Twitter, her burgeoning popularity underscores her irresistible charm and bright future.

Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches with striking blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, Ashley’s physical attributes only add to her allure. Dedicated to maintaining her physique through regular gym sessions, she serves as an inspiration for her fans to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. 

Ashley’s journey from her early fascination with fashion to her academic pursuits paints a vibrant portrait of her multifaceted persona, showcasing her transformation before the spotlight found her.

Ashley Tervort’s Career

Ashley Tervort’s Career

Ashley Tervort’s career kickstarted remarkably early when she took her first modeling gig at merely ten years old. Her fascination with fame guided her to the realm of social media. In 2015, her Instagram handle swelled with followers, with her provocative bedroom pictures becoming a sensation among the masses.

A few scandalous photoshopped images also stirred controversy. Ashley’s popularity spiked post-high school when she leveraged her daring persona, flooding social media with bold, suggestive photos. She didn’t restrict her modelling ventures to social media. She graced High Heels magazine’s pages with her sister, posing topless, creating waves among her fanbase.

Over time, Ashley became synonymous with hot, daring outfits, even reminiscing about an incident where her provocative attire led to envy and astonishment in school. Her risque posts invited criticism from many, including her own family.

However, Ashley remained unapologetically herself, shrugging off accusations of attention-seeking, emphasizing her professional commitment as a model.

Amidst controversies, Ashley maintained her stance: her provocative modelling was simply her fulfilling her role, sparking debates about modelling norms. Her journey showcases an unconventional career path, marked by controversies and bold choices, shaping her into the fearless adult model she is today.

Ashley Tervort’s Net Worth

Ashley Tervort, celebrated both as a model and a social media influencer, commands an impressive net worth. With a thriving career in both adult modeling and influencing, Ashley has amassed a substantial income stream. Unofficial estimates place her net worth at a remarkable $1.5 million, underscoring her financial triumphs.

Beyond her modeling endeavors, Ashley’s earnings from her highly popular OnlyFans page play a significant role in bolstering her net worth. While official figures remain undisclosed, it’s undeniable that Ashley’s diligent efforts have reaped fame and fortune. Her unwavering dedication has undoubtedly been the cornerstone of her success.

Ashley Tervort’s Hobbies

Meet Jason Harlow, a man of diverse interests. A true bibliophile, he can often be found immersed in enthralling novels during his leisure moments. Fitness holds a significant place in his routine, with yoga and Pilates being core components of his workout regimen, ensuring his physique remains in top form.

Jason’s wanderlust knows no bounds, with Paris being his ultimate favorite destination to explore. His wardrobe reflects his penchant for vibrant hues, particularly favoring shades of blue and green, evident in his fashion snapshots.

In the realm of entertainment, Jason’s musical tastes lean towards the timeless classics of The Beatles, while on the big screen, he admires the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, and Emma Watson.

He delights in indulging in Italian cuisine and unwinding with a thrilling suspense movie. These snippets offer a glimpse into Jason’s dynamic personal life beyond his professional pursuits.

Ashley Tervort’s Favorite Things

Ashley Tervort’s Favorite Things

  • Birthday Celebrations: Embracing her Leo spirit, Ashley eagerly anticipates her birthday on August 10 each year. Traditionally, the day is marked with a family gathering where she receives cherished gifts, often in the form of clothing and jewelry.
  • Family Bonding: Hailing from a Mormon household, Ashley holds dear the moments spent with her family, especially her younger sister, Kimmyt19, who shares her passion for social media.
  • Fashion Finesse: More than mere presents, new clothes and shiny accessories contribute to Ashley’s extensive wardrobe collection, adding flair to her personal style.
  • Culinary Delights: Special occasions warrant dining out for the Tervort family, fulfilling Ashley’s love for both quality time and delectable cuisine.
  • Privacy Preferences: Despite her social media presence, Ashley remains discreet about her romantic life, valuing personal boundaries and keeping her love life private.
  • Meaningful Connections: Ashley’s preference for deep and meaningful relationships shines through, though the status of her romantic involvement remains a topic of speculation and curiosity.

Fun Facts about Ashley Tervort

  • Ashley caused a stir by getting her nipple pierced, sparking criticism from fans.
  • Despite removing most of her YouTube content, one video titled “BTS GUESS PHOTOSHOOT┃ASHLEY TERVORT” still stands.
  • She has decided to discontinue her OnlyFans account, despite previously gaining attention for semi-nude posts.
  • Ashley’s beach outings are incomplete without a captivating novel by her side.
  • She deeply treasures her adorable puppy and frequently shares adorable snapshots of it.
  • Freshly squeezed juice ranks as her top beverage choice, underscoring her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Known for her distinctive style, Ashley adores accessorizing with elegant pearl necklaces.
  • Despite facing controversies, Ashley remains a beloved figure in social media circles, embracing her unique identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Ashley Tervort?

Ashley Tervort, born under the sign of Leo on August 10, 1999, currently embraces her 23rd year of life. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ashley, of white ethnicity, proudly boasts a remarkable net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

What is Ashley Tervort’s height?

According to her Instagram profile, Ashley stands gracefully at 5 feet 8 inches tall, a measurement that accurately reflects her stature. While Google once cited her weight as 50 kilograms, she presently maintains a weight of 55 kilograms. With her brown hair adorned with blonde highlights and captivating blue eyes, Ashley’s physical allure is further accentuated.

What is Ashley Tervort’s boyfriend’s name?

Speculations swirl around Ashley’s romantic life, but she currently navigates the realm of singledom. While seen with a male companion at her birthday celebration, it was merely a platonic friend accompanying her. With no whisperings of past relationships or disclosed affairs, Ashley remains dedicated to nurturing her flourishing career.

How tall is Ashley Tervort?

Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, Ashley epitomizes beauty. Her flowing blonde locks, mesmerizing blue eyes, and fair complexion harmonize seamlessly, enhanced by her bold choice of red lipstick. Each photograph captures her captivating essence.

When is Ashley Tervort’s birthday?

August 10 marks the joyous occasion of Ashley’s birthday, heralding her 23rd year as a vibrant Leo. Reflecting the attributes of her fire sign, Ashley exudes energy, a zest for life, and unwavering determination. Despite life’s twists and turns, Ashley’s Leo spirit propels her to savor every moment to the fullest.


Hailing from a tranquil town, Ashley Tervort’s ascent to stardom unfolded unexpectedly through the corridors of social media. Initially, she embarked on this digital journey without any grand ambitions, merely seeking an outlet for her creativity. Her modest beginnings saw her sharing simple posts, but as her confidence grew, so did the boldness of her content, setting her apart from the crowd.

The pivotal moment arrived when her audacious and distinct imagery captured not only the attention of ordinary users but also influencers within the social media landscape. The sheer uniqueness of her posts stirred curiosity and engagement, resulting in a flood of likes and clamor for more.

With time, Ashley experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, amassing a significant following across various social media platforms. From her Instagram, boasting a staggering 556,000 followers, to her presence on other platforms, Ashley’s journey from an ordinary small-town girl to a digital sensation epitomizes the transformative force of online platforms in shaping contemporary fame.

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