Lori Harvey Net Worth: Earn 43 Million Dollar, Skn Profits 2024

At just 26 years old, Lori Harvey has defied all odds to build an astounding $43 million net worth and cement herself as a powerhouse entrepreneur. The daughter of beloved comedian Steve Harvey, Lori has gone from a fashionista modeling for top brands to the brilliant mastermind behind the wildly successful skincare company SKN by LH. Her inspiring journey shows that with talent, hard work, and business savvy, anyone can turn their passion into a thriving empire.

The Meteoric Rise of Lori Harvey’s Modeling Career

Lori was born into the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but she carved her own path to become a sought-after fashion model from a remarkably young age. By her late teens, her striking looks and undeniable charisma landed her campaigns and runway shows for brands like:

  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Michael Kors
  • Burberry
  • Calvin Klein

As her reputation grew, so did the major endorsement deals and partnerships. Lori’s modeling income provided the initial foundation and financial resources to invest in her true calling – entrepreneurship.

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SKN by LH – Lori Harvey’s Genius Business Move

In 2021, Lori Harvey brilliantly capitalized on her modeling experience and name recognition to launch her own skincare line, SKN by LH. This game-changing brand disrupted the beauty industry with:

  • Clean, vegan formulas tailored for all skin types
  • An emphasis on self-love, confidence, and inner/outer glow
  • Lori’s first-hand expertise as a model and insight into what clients wanted

“I created SKN by LH to celebrate our unique beauty and provide a line of high-performance products that truly work. Beauty goes beyond the surface.” – Lori Harvey

SKN’s organic, social media-driven marketing was an instant hit. Within a year, the brand’s revenue skyrocketed to over $8 million annually. Here were some of the standout star products:

ProductKey Benefits
Vitamin C SerumBrightens, firms, fades dark spots
Retinol Night CreamAnti-aging, smooths texture, reduces lines
Clarifying Face WashClears acne, minimizes pores, oil control

Tapping into the massive global skincare market through an authentic brand persona, Lori Harvey established herself as a respected voice in the industry beyond just modeling

Savvy Investments & Business Ventures Behind the Millions

Lori Harvey Savvy Investments & Business Ventures Behind the Millions

While SKN dominates her flourishing portfolio, Lori’s immense net worth results from calculated decisions across multiple revenue streams:

Influencer Marketing

  • Paid partnerships across Instagram (3.7M followers), YouTube, etc.
  • #SponCon posts promoting fashion, beauty, lifestyle brands
  • Tens of thousands per sponsored post

Real Estate

  • Owns multi-million dollar homes in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami
  • Invests in prime residential/commercial properties to renovate/flip
  • Lucrative passive income generator

Equities & Traditional Assets

  • Diversified holdings in stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Wise money management, leveraging family financial advisors

Future Ventures

  • Working on launching her own makeup/cosmetics line
  • Exploring hospitality/wellness retreats & spas
  • Television/entertainment production roles

At her core, Lori embodies the modern business mogul mentality. She recognizes opportunities, thinks ambitiously yet executes pragmatically, and surrounds herself with a stellar professional team.

H3: How Lori Balances Entrepreneurship and Her Personal Life

Despite her whirlwind success, Lori remains grounded and protective of her private life out of the spotlight. Born into Hollywood’s elite inner circle with Steve Harvey as her step-father, she learned to navigate the tricky celebrity culture from adolescence.

These days, Lori carefully picks her public appearance moments while focusing energy on her flourishing enterprises. Her romantic relationships with high-profile stars like Michael B. Jordan and rappers like Future fascinate the media, but she keeps such matters well-insulated.

No doubt, Lori embraces the luxurious, jet-setting lifestyle her wealth affords. From luxurious vacations abroad to designer splurge purchases to philanthropic endeavours, Harvey lives life to the absolute fullest. However, she does so with a level head on her shoulders, showing wisdom beyond her years.

The Lori Harvey Empire Set to Dominate in 2024

For Lori Harvey, the best is yet to come. 2024 is poised to be her biggest year ever as the mogul has major moves in the pipeline:

SKN Expansion

  • Launching new Hair Care and Men’s lines
  • Branching into brick-and-mortar SKN storefronts/spas
  • Global marketing campaigns to reach new international markets

Other Business Ventures

  • Debuting her own makeup/cosmetics product range
  • Creating the “Lori Harvey Experience” hospitality brand of resorts/retreats
  • Branching into television production/reality shows

Financial experts predict that Lori’s conservative net worth estimate could skyrocket well past $100 million by 2025 as her incredible work ethic meets her keen business instincts. Her multimedia presence continues growing exponentially as well.

At this scorching trajectory, Lori Harvey is well on her way to building an empire that will make her a household name globally across entertainment, beauty, fashion, and business. All while achieving these amazing feats before even turning 30.

Bold statement: She has already etched her name in history as one of the most prosperous self-made entrepreneurs to emerge from the younger generation.


Lori Harvey’s journey from a celebrity’s daughter to becoming a multi-millionaire by her mid-20s serves as an inspiration for young dream chasers worldwide. Through her unwavering self-confidence, tenacity, and emotional intelligence, she left behind any assumptions that she would simply ride on her father’s coattails.

Instead, Lori took the harder road of forging her own path through diligent work. She transformed her modeling success first into the highly lucrative SKN by LH business, and has rapidly expanded into a diversified business portfolio that combines her passions with incredible profits.

While already bearing the fruits of remarkable wealth, Lori remains burningly ambitious with long-term goals of creating a fully-fledged lifestyle/hospitality brand empire under her name. She epitomizes the new generation of social media-fuelled moguls who leverage their influence, curated personal brand, and keen instincts to disrupt industries.

For anyone looking for a role model in turning your vision into reality through perseverance and strategic execution, look no further than Lori Harvey. Get ready to be obsessed with her journey as she continues dominating the entrepreneurial world in 2024 and far beyond!

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