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Behind every great man, there is an equally remarkable woman – and in the case of iconic R&B singer Eddie Levert, that woman is his beloved wife, Raquel Capelton. This radiant beauty was born on May 31, 1969 in the United States, making her 54 years young with the passionate Gemini zodiac sign.

At a stunning 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall and weighing around 67 kilograms, Raquel cuts a graceful figure. While details of her early life and educational background remain private, one can only imagine the strong foundation that shaped this supportive, loving partner.

How Did Raquel and Eddie’s Fairytale Romance Blossom?

Like any great love story, Eddie and Raquel’s union has its own enchanting tale. The two met and fell deeply in love, finally tying the knot in 2005 after years of courtship. From the way Eddie’s eyes light up when speaking about his wife, it’s clear their connection runs fathomless and true.

“She’s my rock, my soulmate, my everything,” Eddie has said of Raquel. “I thank God every day for her presence in my life.”

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The Leverts’ Beautiful Blended Family

The Leverts' Beautiful Blended Family

When Raquel said “I do,” she didn’t just marry Eddie – she embraced his entire family, including children from previous relationships. This blending created an even more vibrantly extended family tree.

From that romantic union blossomed their daughter Ryan Levert, who has certainly inherited the beauty and grace of her parents. For Eddie and Raquel, keeping their family unit strong and loving has always been the top priority.

Eddie’s Living Children:

  • Gerald Levert (Son)
  • Carney Levert (Daughter)

While Eddie tragically lost two of his children (Sean and Phylicia) far too soon, Raquel’s nurturing embrace has helped provide comfort and healing.

Raquel’s Life as a Supportive Wife and Mother

At her core, Raquel is the epitome of a supportive partner. During Eddie’s iconic music career as the legendary lead singer of The O’Jays (known for 70s hits like “Back Stabbers,” “Love Train,” and “For the Love of Money”), she was always his firmest foundation.

Raising their children together while Eddie toured the world, Raquel embraced the challenge of balancing family life and life on the road. Her selflessness, strength, and unwavering devotion to her loved ones is awe-inspiring.

“Raquel makes everything possible,” Eddie says. “She’s the glue that holds our family together no matter what.”

What is Raquel Capelton’s Net Worth and Career?

While Eddie may be the iconic entertainer, Raquel is certainly no mere bystander. Her net worth is an impressive $18 million, earned through a combination of her husband’s success and business endeavors of her own.

Raquel is involved in various charitable causes and ventures, always using her fortunate platform to give back to communities in need. Her true life’s work, however, has undoubtedly been raising her family and keeping their home fires burning.

Raquel and Eddie’s Social Media Presence

These days, the Leverts are active on social media, giving fans a delightful window into their world. You can follow them on:

From sharing family photos and milestones to promoting Eddie’s latest musical projects, they use their online platforms to spread joy and positivity. Their heartfelt interactions with fans are clear examples of their warmth and gratitude.

In Closing Behind every wildly successful and talented man, there is an equally incredible woman helping hold everything together with grace. Raquel Capelton is the shining example – the wife, mother, and life partner keeping Eddie Levert’s world turning while inspiring all who know her story. True love, selflessness, and devotion personified.


Does Eddie Levert have any living children? 

Yes, from previous relationships Eddie has two living children – son Gerald and daughter Carney Levert.

Who is Eddie Levert married to now? 

Eddie has been happily married to Raquel Capelton since 2005.

What movies did Eddie Levert play in? 

In addition to his legendary music career, Eddie had roles in TV shows like Hill Street Blues and movies such as The Nutty Professor and its sequel.

Who was Gerald Levert’s first wife? 

Gerald’s first wife was Andrea Levert, though their marriage ended years before his untimely passing in 2006 at age 40.

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