Are You Top or Bottom Quiz

Understanding whether you lean more towards being a top or a bottom in an intimate relationship can offer valuable insights into your personality and preferences. This fun quiz will help reveal if you align more with a top or bottom role.

What Does Top and Bottom Mean?

In the context of same-sex relationships or yaoi/slash fiction, the terms “top” and “bottom” refer to sexual preferences and broader relationship dynamics between partners. Specifically:

Tops: Also referred to as “semes”. Tops/semes tend to prefer taking the lead, being more assertive, bold, and dominant in relationships both in and out of the bedroom.

Bottoms: Also called “ukes”. Bottoms/ukes tend to be more passive, sensitive, and nurturing. They often prefer the top/seme partner to take charge.

Switching roles is also common based on mood, context, and preferences. But most people have an overall leaning. Understanding you and your partner’s alignment can help set reasonable expectations.

Discover Your Role: Seme or Uke

This simple quiz will determine whether you align more closely with a Seme/Top or Uke/Bottom role based on your personality inclinations. There are no right or wrong results, only insight to help you gain self-awareness.

The Top/Seme Personality

People who score high in the “Top” personality archetype often exhibit these key traits:

  • Assertive – Tops are usually dominant, self-assured, and able to take charge calmly but firmly. They initiate action and speak up first.
  • Bold – Tops are confident making the first move and actively pursuing their desires without hesitation or awkwardness.
  • Thrill-seeking – Typical Tops seek adventure and new experiences. Their confidence allows them to navigate uncertainty.
  • Protective – With their boldness often comes protectiveness and chivalry towards romantic partners.
  • Logical – Tops frequently identify as logical and objective thinkers who can detach from drama.

Additionally, Tops often thrive in leadership roles, initiate office romances, and take pride in providing for and guiding their partners. They relish playing the traditionally masculine pursuer and protector role.

The Bottom/Uke Personality

Meanwhile, people who score high in the “Bottom” archetype commonly share these characteristics:

  • Nurturing – Bottoms tend to be caring, empathetic partners who look out for others’ needs and emotional well-being.
  • Unselfish – Similarly, Bottoms are usually generous partners willing to compromise their own interests for loved ones.
  • Romantic – In tandem with their nurturing instincts, Bottoms often deeply value emotional intimacy and romance.
  • Playful – Despite their tendency to avoid risk, Bottoms also have a quality of lightness, humor and being up for adventure with trusted partners.

Additionally, Bottoms may thrive in traditionally feminine homemaker roles, cherish being provided for, and prefer their partner to initiate courtship, romance and intimacy. They lean into supportive follower roles in relationships.

Engage in the Quiz!

To discover where you land on the spectrum, take my fun, free quiz below! It only takes about a minute.

The quiz presents you with 10 statements that relate to archetypal Top and Bottom traits. 

Simply indicate how much you agree/relate to each prompt on the 5-point scale. Be honest!

At the end of the 10 statements, you’ll instantly receive a breakdown of your Top vs. Bottom score to see where you align. Easy as that.

So what are you waiting for? Determine your true preferences by taking my insightful Are You Top Or Bottom quiz now!

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Breakdown of Quiz Results

Quiz Results Breakdown
Quiz Results Breakdown

61-100% Top/Seme: You strongly align with the Top/Seme archetype based on your quiz responses indicating more dominance and assertion paired with protective instincts. You likely prefer to guide relationships, initiate intimacy, thrive under pressure, and cherish caretaking roles.

41-60% Top/Seme: You moderately lean towards the Top/Seme side of the spectrum in your personality and relationships. But you may enjoy switching roles or show some versatile traits too.

40-60% Versatile: Your results indicate a more balanced blend of both Top and Bottom traits. You likely readily toggle between assertive and nurturing modes. Versatility lends beautifully to adapting across contexts.

41-60% Bottom/Uke: You moderately align with the Bottom/Uke archetype, preferring to be more easygoing, supportive, sensitive, and traditional in relationships. Being cared for likely means a lot to you.

61-100% Bottom/Uke: As a high scorer on Bottom/Uke traits, you strongly prefer softer, caring roles over domineering. You thrive when able to focus on emotional connection, creating a warm home environment, and cheering on loved ones.

Final Thoughts

I hope this quick Are You Top or Bottom quiz has helped you gain insight into your romantic personality orientation and some ideas for embracing it.

Remember, switching between both energies is common and valuable. And any healthy intimate relationship regardless of role relies heavily on mutual care, trust, respect, communication and consent.

If you have any other questions about navigating any area of relationships as a Top or Bottom, I provide personalized coaching as well. Feel free to get in touch!

Wishing you much happiness in understanding yourself and your partners better.

~ Olivia Reese, Personality Coach & Content Creator

How to Play?

To take the Are You Top or Bottom quiz referenced in this article and get your customized results breakdown:

  1. Click Here to open the quiz in a new tab
  1. Honestly rate how much you relate to each of the 10 statements
  1. See your results instantly after submitting to find out if you skew Top or Bottom!

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