What’s My Type of Guy? Quiz

Figuring out your ideal type of guy in a relationship can be tough. This entertaining quiz will help you determine what personality traits, values, and other qualities you find most attractive in a potential partner. Read on to learn more about the different types of guys, take a fun quiz to unveil your match, and get tips for finding fulfillment with someone compatible.

Types of Guys

There are all sorts of men out there with varying personalities that may or may not mesh well with yours. Here are some of the main “types” of guys and their typical traits:

The Adventurer: This type of guy loves the outdoors, thrill-seeking activities, traveling, and embracing the unknown. They tend to be independent, low-key, and spontaneous.

The Athlete: These guys are often sports-obsessed and competitive. They prioritize fitness and health and enjoying activities like playing sports or working out together.

The Academic: Thoughtful, curious and intelligent, these men enjoy intellectual conversations, academic pursuits, and can get lost in their own world of ideas.

The Artist: Creative, emotional and expressive, artsy guys revel in imagination, passion, and finding beauty everywhere. They can be introspective dreamers and innovators.

The Career-Focused: Driven, ambitious and goal-oriented, career-minded men work hard and want someone supportive of their aspirations. They value success.

The Comic: Funny, witty, amusing guys love making people laugh by being playful and joking around. They stay positive and lighthearted.

The Homebody: These men prefer low-key nights in, cozy time together at home to going out and being social butterflies. They tend to be stable, predictable and downtoEarth.

The Leader: Confident take-charge guys have dominant, bold personalities. They like to assume authority and make decisions in the relationship.

The Nerd: Super smart and obsessed with details, information and problem-solving. Nerdy guys get excited about their passionate interests like tech, science or gaming.

The Philanthropist: Caring, empathetic and big-hearted, these men devote time, money and energy to making the world a better place through charity work and selfless acts.

The Romantic: Sentimental, affectionate guys who enjoy thoughtful gestures, pampering their partner, emotional intimacy. They can be flirty charmers.

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What’s My Type Quiz for Girls

Determining which “type” most appeals to you can unveil insights about compatibility. Take this fun what’s my type of guy quiz to determine which personality best meshes with yours for a fulfilling relationship.

Start by asking yourself questions like:

  • Do you enjoy thrilling adventures or cozy nights in?
  • Are you attracted to creative dreamers or competitive athletes?
  • Do you want an intellectual equal or charming sweet talker?

Once you review the spectrum of guy types and traits that attract you, take this revealing quiz to uncover your best match result!

What is My Ideal Type of Guy?

Beyond surface-level traits like physical appearance, sense of humor or social status, the qualities that constitute your dream partner likely run deeper. Most girls seek certain core attributes on an emotional and personal level.

According to relationship experts and polls, women most desire men who are:

  • Kind: Compassionate, thoughtful and caring towards others.
  • Confident: Comfortable and secure in themselves without arrogance.
  • Intelligent: Mentally sharp and interested in expanding their knowledge.
  • Dependable: Responsible, loyal and can be counted on.
  • Engaged: An active listener who connects emotionally and maintains interest.
  • Passionate: Enthusiastic about the relationship, romantic at heart.
  • Stable: Emotionally available, mature and steady personality.
  • Compatible Humor Styles: Finding someone with a funny bone aligning to yours.

While physical chemistry matters for attraction, a truly ideal match runs deeper emotionally and mentally on what really makes you click.

What Type of Guy Suits Your Personality?

What Type of Guy Suits Your Personality?
What Type of Guy Suits Your Personality?

Finding someone who complements yet balances out your personality can lead to better compatibility long-term. Here are some top personality profiles and which guy types typically pair best in fulfilling, growth-oriented relationships:

You’re Independent & Adventurous – Your Match: The Homebody

While you crave exploration and novelty, pairing with a homebody guy can provide comforting stability, reliability and a cozy retreat.

You’re Artsy & Creative – Your Match: The Academic

The studious academic type can stimulate you intellectually while benefitting from your outside-the-box imagination.

You’re Upbeat & Outgoing – Your Match: The Nerd

Your bubbly social butterfly self can gently draw a shy, nerdy guy out of his shell to balance both your personalities.

You’re Dominant & Driven – Your Match: The Philanthropist

A big-hearted philanthropic guy can soften your edges on occasion and complement your leadership.

You’re Analytical & Career-Focused – Your Match: The Comic

Finding humor and levity together from a jokester comics can relieve stress amid high-achieving professional lives.

You’re Sentimental & Romantic – Your Match: The Athlete

The ultra-masculine athletic type presents the perfect contrast to your ultra-feminine romantic side.

Understanding both your innate personality and your current life stage goals helps reveal optimal compatibility. An outgoing adventurer may envy a homebody’s lifestyle someday, just as a driven entrepreneur may eventually seek a philanthropist’s purpose and balance.

Pinpointing compatibility requires self-awareness of what energizes versus drains you so differences and synergies lead to growth.

Find Your Man Type Match with this Quiz!

Are you ready to take the “What’s My Type of Guy?” relationship quiz to unveil your best match result? The process is fun and easy:

  1. Review the 12 Questions below based on different personality attributes
  1. Consider your attraction preference from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
  1. Tally your answers to determine your highest compatibility type
  1. Read the quiz results analysis of your guy match

Let’s begin! Discover your man type soulmate…

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Quiz Questions Preview

Q1. I’m attracted to men with an athletic physique who love sports.

Q2. I prefer guys who are ambitious, status-driven workaholics.

Q3. I’m a sucker for super smart nerdy guys obsessed with their interests.

Q4. Guys who make me laugh with witty jokes and antics make my heart flutter.

Q5. I find adventurous spontaineous guys who love traveling irresistible.

Q6. I melt for poetic romantics who write me songs and love poems.

Q7. Creative artists who live and breathe their passions intrigue me.

Q8. I crave an intellectual challenge and curiosity from cerebral philosopher types.

Q9. Compassionate, big-hearted guys focused on charity win my heart.

Q10. I love stable, predictable homebody guys to snuggle and Netflix with.

Q11. Take charge alpha males with strong leadership turn me on.

Q12. Thoughtful dependability and being my best friend is essential.

Quiz Result Types

Mostly A’s: The Athlete – You adore all-star sporty competitor guys who prioritize fitness, health and active lifestyles the same way you do. You appreciate drive, follow-through and rugged machismo.

Mostly B’s: The Career-Focused – Driven professionals with serious career ambitions make you swoon. You want someone equally motivated and successful to balanceintensity with support.

Mostly C’s: The Nerd – You just love those supersmart, obsessive gamer or techie guys passionately immersed in their own world of niche interests. Their fierce intellect and shy quirks irresistibly draw you in.

Mostly D’s: The Comic – You fell for the class clown and still crave playful jokester guys who can make you double over laughing with their witty, sarcastic humor. Levity rules.

Mostly E’s: The Adventurer – Restless free spirits ready to grab life by the horns and jet off on unexpected adventures make you quiver with excitement. You lust for spontaneity.

Mostly F’s: The Romantic – Hopeless romantics make you swoon too with sentimental gestures, love poems, thoughtful gifts and words of affirmation. Ultra-sensitive dreamboats float your boat.

Mostly G’s: The Artist – You have a weak spot for the tortured creative soul artist types whose reckless passion, moodiness and heart-on-sleeve emotional depth irresistibly pull you in.

Mostly H’s: The Academic – You feel most intellectually and emotionally fulfilled by scholarly philosopher types with insatiable curiosity and hunger for abstract ideas and life’s big mysteries.

Mostly I’s: The Philanthropist – Big-hearted activism and charity work win your utmost admiration. You love how compassionate, ethicalunderdog championing motivates these morally outstanding men.

Mostly J’s: The Homebody – Your match made in heaven is the super stable, predictable, comfortseeking homebody guy to cuddle and binge-watch with amid calm domestic bliss.

Mostly K’s: The Leader – Ultra-confident take charge alphas ignite your flames with that bold swagger, highpowered influence and uber capable leadership vibe taking control.

Mostly L’s: The Dependable One – More than excitement, you crave rocksolid reliability, loyalty and emotional safety so responsible, friend zone “nice guys” deliver your goods.


Identifying your optimal guy match depends on a combination of innate personality, passions, principles and lifestyle priorities that best click with yours. This “What’s My Type of Guy Quiz?” aimed to help you discover latent attraction preferences you may not have acknowledged.

While sparks depend on that ineffable chemistry, lasting Fulfillment springs from shared compatibility deeper down in your souls. Seeking someone who complements yet balances your nature can allow you both to thrive together in perfect harmony.

Hopefully this guide gave you a fun starting point to ponder what qualities make your heart truly melt and reflect on previous partner patterns as well. Feel free to retake the quiz as you continue maturing or if your tastes change. Wishing you wonderful self-insights and happy searching until you find “the one” deserving of your affections!

How to Play the Quiz?

Want to take the full “What’s My Type of Guy?” quiz for yourself and friends? Here are quick instructions for how to play:

  1. Review Each Guy Type description
  1. Score yourself from 1 Strongly Disagree to 5 Strongly Agree for how drawn you feel to those traits for each question
  1. Tally all As, Bs, Cs etc. to unveil your Most Compatible Match result by highest points!
  2. Read your Result analysis and what it reveals about your attraction preferences.
  1. Discuss with friends if your matches align with their perceptions of your “type” too for further enlightening personality insights!

Test your romance radar now and get matched with your best fitting guy type using this telling relationship quiz guide.

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