0997 What Network Philippines: Is Prefix of Globe or Smart or TM

Mobile networks are crucial in the Philippines. They enable communication and internet access for daily life. Knowing the prefixes of different mobile companies is key when choosing a provider.

The burning question: What mobile network does 0997 belong to? In the fast-paced world of Philippine telecom, knowing your network prefix is key. It’s not just a random jumble of digits – those numbers hold the secret to understanding your mobile carrier, data speeds, and overall communication experience.

Cracking the 0997 code

You’ve likely noticed numbers starting with 0997 scattered across the metro. But what telecom operator is lurking behind that network prefix?

No need to dig through tech forums or scratch your head. We’re spilling the beans: 0997 is the prefix for Touch Mobile, popularly known as TM. But don’t be fooled – this budget-friendly brand is actually a subsidiary of the heavyweight Globe network.

0997TM Under Globe Communications

The real deal on TM (Touch Mobile)

The real deal on TM (Touch Mobile)
The real deal on TM (Touch Mobile)
  • TM falls under the Globe Telecom umbrella
  • It rides on Globe’s extensive network infrastructure
  • But offers stripped-down, wallet-friendly plans
  • Meaning decent connectivity at cut-rate prices

So if you’ve landed a 0997 number, you’re tapping into the same network backbone as Globe’s premium subscribers. The key difference? TM packages are designed for the budget-conscious crowd.

A quick look at the Big Three

To gauge where TM fits, let’s do a quick side-by-side with the industry giants:

Globe (main brand)

  • Premium postpaid and prepaid offerings
  • Extensive 4G/LTE coverage nationwide
  • Top-tier data speeds for uninterrupted streaming
  • But plans can put a dent in your bank account


  • Rival to Globe’s premium services
  • Diverse promos for mobile, home internet, and bundles
  • Robust 4G/LTE footprint in urbanhubs
  • Competitive pricing, especially for families

TM (Touch Mobile/0997 prefix)

  • Globe’s budget-friendly sub-brand
  • Uses Globe’s network facilities
  • Affordable prepaid promos ideal for light users
  • Great for basic calling, texts, and data

Who is the 0997/TM sweet spot for?

TM’s affordable call, text, and data bundles hit the sweet spot for:

  • Students looking for cheap prepaid promos
  • Start-ups, freelancers, and side-hustlers on a budget
  • Light data users who mostly use messaging apps
  • Those who prioritize cost over blazing-fast speeds

But don’t mistake “budget” for “bare bones.” TM still delivers decent connectivity through its parent Globe’s network backbone. You’ll stay connected for all the essentials like messaging, social media, and basic apps.

The Cream of the Crop: When to go Premium

The Cream of the Crop: When to go Premium

There are times, however, when a supercharged premium line is the way to go:

  • For uninterrupted HD video streaming
  • If you’re an avid mobile gamer
  • For lag-free video calls and conferences
  • When exploring new network tech like 5G

In these instances, Globe’s main postpaid and prepaid services are worth the splurge. You’ll enjoy top-tier data speeds, seamless performance, and widespread 4G/LTE coverage – ideal for the power user on the go.

Families may also fare better with Smart’s diverse home and mobile internet bundles, designed for multiple household members.

Switching it up: Your options

So what if you’re stuck with a TM (0997) line but want to move to the big leagues? Enter: mobile number portability.

This service allows you to keep your existing mobile number while switching over to a new network provider. That way, you can bid farewell to TM and take your digits to Globe’s premium services (or any other carrier that fits your needs).

Of course, porting fees apply – but it’s a nifty solution if you’ve outgrown TM’s basic services or want to explore other networks like Smart or TNT without losing your established number.

The inside scoop

As an insider tip, check if your desired carrier is running any network-specific promos or switch offers. Telecom operators often dole out free data, SMS bundles, or discounted rates to lure new subscribers. A little research could help sweeten the deal.

Bottom Line

Understanding network prefixes like 0997 gives you a peek behind the telco curtain. While TM serves as Globe’s affordable sub-brand, other prefixes could belong to Smart, TNT, DITO, or the main premium Globe line itself.

So whether you’re a student on a tight budget or a heavy-duty streamer, do some digging on your network prefix. With the right match, you’ll be able to tailor your mobile plan and communication experience to your unique needs.

Now go forth and conquer – with the power of prefix knowledge on your side! And if you have any other burning telco questions, drop a comment below.

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What are the Globe and TM numbers?

Globe’s prefix is 0917. TM, Globe’s budget brand, uses 0997.

Is TNT Smart or Globe?

TNT is owned by Smart Communications, not Globe.

What network is 0995 in the Philippines?

The 0995 prefix belongs to the DITO Telecommunity network.

Is 0938 globe or Smart?

Numbers starting with 0938 are from the Smart network.

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